A Pregnant Woman is not a Horse!

A pregnant horse grazing away. http://horserpg77.proboards.com/thread/13

A pregnant horse grazing away
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This article from ABC Science relays evidence that a high-fibre diet during pregnancy may reduce the chances of the child developing asthma.

Important to note the distinction between: soluble fibre, non-soluble fibre and resistant starch, all of which are good for that ecosystem in your colon called the Microbiome.

Watch this space as a new crop of dietary cranks and commercial opportunists jumps onto this new bandwagon.

Meanwhile, at the moment, the science is still under development and grappling with a very complex system.

The Microbiome is reported to have widespread influences ranging from the immune system to mental health.

Mum’s high-fibre diet may protect child against asthma

Cellulose is just a string of glucose molecules, but mammals cannot digest it. http://www.generalbiomass.com/cellethanol1.htm

Cellulose is just a string of glucose molecules, but mammals cannot digest it
(Image: www.generalbiomass.com)


The Human Microbiome seems unable to supply large amounts of energy from cellulose alone.

Animals such as horses, sheep, cattle and deer that have large fermentation compartments for cellulose are called ruminants.

You must have heard the saying:

Cows have four stomachs (and, by the way, so do some whales!).


Horses have gut microbes that help them digest large amounts of cellulose

It seems that the human microbiome, though not supplying a great deal of energy from the bacterial fermentation of cellulose, supplies many nutrients which affect all sorts of body systems.

Here is evidence that some sort of protection against asthma is conferred by the mother's microbiome on her unborn child.

If our Microbiomes are so important, what should we eat to sustain them?

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. https://runthreeseven.wordpress.com/2011/04/17/organic-fruit-and-vegetables-whats-the-difference/

Fresh fruit and vegetables are important for a healthy microbiome
(Image: https://runthreeseven.wordpress.com)


Yes, you've known it all along. It's what your grandmother and great grandmother knew before food was industrialised!

Read more about colon health and microbiomes.

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