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Making science accessible to the public is crucial

Losing the essence of the science can be damaging

Who better to communicate the science than the scientist?

Sciengist is a platform for the celebration of science, while making it accessible.

Katherine Faull BSc (Hons) PhD Candidate

Sciengist Author, Editor and Administrator

With interests and experience in education, ecology, entomology and environmental health, Katherine's positions of PhD Candidate and university Biological Science Tutor have seen her passion for research and the communication of science grow exponentially.

Katherine is dedicated to making science accessible, engaging, inspiring and interactive, and enjoys telling a good story based on scientific research and evidence.

The scientist is motivated by curiosity and a desire for truth ~ Irving Langmuir

Murty Suri PhD (Biomedical Science)

Sciengist Author and International Liaison

Murty is a veterinarian with years of experience as a poultry vet. He is in the process of obtaining his licence to practice Veterinary Science in Australia, to fulfil his passion of working with and for the health of domestic animals. He also has a research background and expertise in the field of lung surfactant physiology.

Murty's passion for explaining complex scientific facts began during his PhD while presenting seminars. This passion also led to forming a group with a couple of his close friends to write facts about various aspects of science and led to the birth of Sciengist.

One who cannot understand, cannot possess ~ Goethe.

Ken Macklin PhD (Zoology)

Sciengist Author and Editor

Ken is 67 and has a lifetime of experience working as a qualified teacher in schools, for mining companies as a geologist, but mostly as a university lecturer and researcher, sharing his passion and extensive knowledge and experience in zoology, entomology, aquatic biology and human physiology. He has read widely and is a published author of both scientific research and fiction novels.

Ken has an inquiring mind as well as being ready to discuss and debate new ideas at any time. Ken has a great overview of matters scientific and non-scientific and is good at getting to the essence of things. He has the ability to communicate complex ideas in plain language often using analogies and stories.

Facts without interesting context are worthless ~ Kenko


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