Saturn devours his son by Goya

The Cinderella Syndrome: waiting to be rescued or waiting to be killed?

Cinderella (Image: Most people would think that the Cinderella Syndrome (or Effect) is an attitude in young women where they believe a handsome man will come and rescue them from their unhappy state and they will ‘live happily ever after’. Much as Cinderella was rescued by the handsome prince. However, there is a much more […]

Red Wine

Alchemy: reflections on a National Science Week exhibition

A Big Red?     As an ordinary scientist, not well-versed in art theory or appreciation, I decided to visit the Alchemy art exhibition at Adelaide’s Science Exchange. The visit in itself was an experiment in that I intended to measure my own naive responses to works of art about which I knew nothing. What […]

Static Charge on Hair

Hair-raising Electro-Physics

Static Charge on Hair(Image: Unlike a child’s hair reacting to a balloon, where each strand is repelled from the others by static electricity (i.e. not flowing in a current, but charged), an electric current can consist of any moving charged particles. Most commonly, these charged particles are are electrons. But any charge in motion constitutes […]

Brain chemicals Venn Diagram (Image:

Get Creative; get Famous; get Addicted and join the 27Club

Amy Winehouse at Glastonbury 2008(Image: Rex Features James McCauley/Rex) Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse all died at the age of 27 and joined the 27Club. Is there an explanation involving brain chemicals? The short answer is NO, but there may be some underlying causes that produced the […]

Arctic ground squirrels - key to promising cardiac research

Arctic ground squirrels – key to promising cardiac research

Arctic ground squirrels experience extremes during hibernation © Sciengist The arctic ground squirrel (Spermophilus parryii) is the largest species of ground squirrel in the world. The arctic ground squirrel generally hibernates for 8 months of the year. During hibernation, the squirrel’s body temperature will drop, at times, to below zero degrees Celcius, their metabolism slows down, […]

Flying around with large testes is an evolutionary no-no (Image:

The Winter Solstice and Birds Get Balls

The bonobo has an impressive set of balls (Image: First of all, why do some mammals have such large testes? It seems that it’s all about sperm competition. As in the bonobo (Pan paniscus), which is polygamous and promiscuous, the more sperm you produce, the more chance you have of fathering the next generation. […]

A Pregnant Woman is not a Horse!

A Pregnant Woman is not a Horse!

A pregnant horse grazing away(Image: This article from ABC Science relays evidence that a high-fibre diet during pregnancy may reduce the chances of the child developing asthma. Important to note the distinction between: soluble fibre, non-soluble fibre and resistant starch, all of which are good for that ecosystem in your colon called the Microbiome. […]

It is believed that less 50 orange-bellied parrots are left in the wild.

The most endangered beautiful orange-bellied parrot on the verge of extinction

There are less than 50 individual orange-bellied parrots left in the wild It is believed that less 50 orange-bellied parrots are left in the wild (Image: It is one of the most endangered and rarest species of birds in Australia. The Orange-bellied parrot is nearly 200mm long with a bright green and yellow plumage […]


Moths, mouths and genitals

A frenulum is a connective or coupling mechanism (Image: I have seen plenty of moths in my time. I have a mouth, and genitalia. Although I speak about the former with passion, while using my mouth, I am not prone to talking about the latter in public. But here we go… Moths, mouths and […]

Young men and their alcohol. Do not try this at home.

Women can’t hold their drink like a (young) man

It’s not just about testosterone (Image: We have all met at least one young, fit man who is excessively proud of his ability to hold his alcohol “like a man!” Well, to be perfectly technical about it, all he is really declaring is that he: is of the male gender; still has his youth. His alcohol tolerance threshold has nothing […]