Planets and more planets, exciting times ahead!

An artist's impression of Kepler 452b, Earth-twin, the new planet.

An artist's impression of Kepler 452b, Earth-twin, the new planet.

Last week, the news about Pluto was everywhere, including Sciengist. Pluto is now officially the largest object in the fringe of our solar system.

When I was at school, we were taught that Pluto was our 9th planet. As an adolescent it always baffled me why Pluto got demoted to a non-planet body.

My emotional mind was not spared from a little disappointment. Since then I developed a bond with Pluto for some weird reason, poor Pluto was left out by his eight brothers and the fatherly Sun.

I was thrilled with the latest news regarding Pluto.

Pluto is now proclaimed to be the ‘king of the Kuiper belt’, in the region of icy worlds beyond Neptune!

My heart was filled with a sense of gratification after hearing the news of Pluto's reign. To hear a story about regaining glory is always inspirational!

The more we know about planets, the more we want to know

Today the news about a new planet spotted by NASA was even more exhilarating. It is described as ‘Earth-twin’.

When I heard the news on the radio this morning, in sluggish Sydney traffic on my way to work, it had the same effect as a second cup of coffee.

I probably took the news perhaps with a bit of skepticism until my daughter shared with me the same story in the evening.

I was pleasantly surprised with the pace of news, even in primary schools these days.

When I briefly read the story, my excitation levels went up!

This new ‘Earth-twin’, Kepler 452b (named after the spacecraft), is bigger than Earth and revolves around a star, very similar to our Sun.

How cool is that!?

Kepler 452b, our planet Earth’s twin could even have water!

The Spacecraft has discovered more planets.

I cannot contain my excitement. Sometimes my skepticism is worth getting over-ridden by excitement!

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