The climate of riesling changes

Riesling was harvested in February for the first time

Riesling was harvested in February for the first time    (Image:


It would appear even winegrowers and makers are now firmly on the climate change bandwagon.

Australian winegrowers have harvested riesling in February of this year, for the very first time.

Research shows wine grape harvests have been moving forward by 0.8 days per year.

However, further research has suggested we should not panic, yet.

There are likely to be other factors contributing to these changes in harvest, including management practices.

Wine grape harvests have shifted 20 days in the last 25 years due to climate change but also due to wine science

As strong research into viticulture finds more effective and efficient methods, the harvest and yield is changing in response to evolving plant behaviour.

What does that mean for our wine cellars?

We can expect to see some local varieties appear on our local store shelves earlier each year, while some imported varieties may take longer to reach our shores.

We will still be able to enjoy our wine while the winegrowers continue to evolve their practices and work on their science.

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