The power of common antioxidants now unlocked

The powerful compounds in berries, dark chocolate and red wine have been unlocked by research © Sciengist

The powerful compounds in berries, dark chocolate and red wine have been unlocked by research © Sciengist


Berries contain antioxidants that naturally protect our heart.

The same antioxidants can be found in grapes, red wine, dark chocolate and leafy greens.

Although the compounds are important and beneficial in a healthy diet, researchers have now found a way to harness their powerful properties.

By making the beneficial compounds (polyphenols) water-soluble, their cardiac-protecting properties can be administered in high doses.


Adriamycin is an effective and widely used cancer drug but prolonged use causes toxicity to the heart

While effective cancer drugs are important, the health of the heart cannot be compromised.

The use of effective cancer drugs like Adriamycin must therefore be limited, due to the toxic effects on the heart.

Currently, patients are limited to a lifetime dose of Adriamycin of no more than 450-550 mg/m2.

So when they reach this limit, they must rely on less-effective drugs.

The polyphenols found in berries and dark chocolate may potentially change that!

Resveratrol and quercetin are natural antioxidants found in many delicious foods, and have beneficial cardiac-protecting properties

Until now, the powerful properties of resveratrol and quercetin have been limited by their inability to be dissolved.

If they cannot be dissolved, they cannot be administered in strong doses.

Ground-breaking research has produced a new product which does in fact enable the powerful properties of resveratrol and quercetin to be water-soluble and thus, administered in strong doses.

Clinical doses of the resveratrol and quercetin have a three-fold effect:

  • they control the cardiotoxicity of the cancer drug Adriamycin;
  • they accumulate in the cancer cells and provide further anti-cancer properties;
  • they sensitise the cancer cells, making the cancer drug more effective and efficient.

It seems a little too good to be true, doesn't it?

For some time now, the benefits of resveratrol have been well known.

Infact, resveratrol is the key behind the French Paradox - whereby the diet of the French, although comparatively higher in fat, is actually associated with reduced heart disease.

The French do, after all, drink red wine regularly.

It has just been a matter of time before the lengthy research process could unlock the power of resveratrol!

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